Sunday, 29 March 2009

How to safeguard your career in recession

A couple of strategies for making sure that your job is safe in the recession-hit corporate world.

Be a money-spinner
Share client leads or ideas to generate revenue even if that's not part of your responsibilities. The most important resources for any organization are the people who bring/generate business.

Stand out and step up
Make sure people know you, by solving problems and taking on high-profile and critical projects.

Move around in safe zone
Dont keep the company of the people who are not rated very highly by your bosses. Hang out with the people, the boss respects most. The aura of their good reputation may extend to you.

Go beyond your job scope
Look for problem spots that you can help fix and step in whenever extra hands are needed.

Make a sacrifice
Volunteering to take a salary cut during an industrywide downturn can make you look like a hero. This one is a little bit risky but may put you in the good books of your higher management very quickly.

Increase your market value
Enroll for some certification course to add value to your resume. Its really great if you can manage your organization to sponsor otherwise spend out of your pocket. Don't think of it as an expenditure, it is an investment.

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