Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Nice One

The Dream is not what you see in sleep...., Dream is the thing which does not let you sleep....

Spring Autowiring tip

How to exclude a bean from being available for auto wiring?

When configuring beans in configuration file, the 'autowire-candidate' attribute of the element can be set to 'false'; so that this bean can not be made available for auto wiring infrastructure.

For example : <bean id="foo" autowire-candidate="false">
would not allow bean "foo" to be autowired to another bean referring "foo".


Tuesday, 22 July 2008

An open source BI tool - Pentaho

Since I have come up with the (stupid) idea of creating the blog, let me break the ice as well.

Nowadays I am working on this web based open source BI application called Pentaho. "Working" is not the right term for describing the kind of job I am doing because its more of an R&D kind of work. Actually I need to deliver a POC to one of our clients by customizing it for their basic requirements and hence the effort.

Pentaho provides a full spectrum of open source Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities including reporting, analysis, dashboards, data mining, data integration and a BI platform. Don't be overwhelmed with all those terms as I myself don't knw about a couple of them.

You can find more information about Pentaho on their website In case any of you come across a sitution where you need to familiarize yourself with this product you can get in touch with me. Though I am still a novice, I might be able to give you a few leads, which could save you a little but precious time.


Let's share

I have created this blog to provide a platform to share knowledge, ideas, tips, learnings and views about things, which we think have helped us grow professionally or personally and thus would be useful for rest of us as well.

n please, please, please don't be hesitant in putting stuff here just because you think that it may appear trivial to rest of us. It could well be the most important piece of information for some of us. So drop all the inhibitions and JUST SHARE.

I hope everybody would make a conscious effort to contribute and share, which in turn, would definitely make each of us a more learned person and professional.