Thursday, 6 August 2009

XP2010, Norway

All agile enthusiasts who missed out on, XP 2009, Tenth International Conference on Agile Processes and eXtreme Programming in Software Engineering, held in May 2009
at Sardinia, Italy could compensate for their loss by registering for XP2010, 11th National Conference on Agile Software Development to be hosted by the SINTEF research foundation in Trondheim, Norway.

Registration of the meet would begin in January 2010.

The conference, as per the official website, would focus specifically on theory, practical applications and implications of agile methods.

Dec 6th 2009     Research papers, experience reports
Dec 13th 2009     Lightning talks
Jan 7th 2010     Workshops, tutorials, posters and PhD symposium

You can find more information here XP2010

So start putting things in your boss's ears because it might take some time and some effort to make her approve the training budget.

Good luck.